Carding Mill Valley Reservoir Revisited


02/07/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape’s elder brother has been married for 25 years; her nieces are 21 this year and himself is also 60…so they had a party. Sun and heavy rain showers punctuated the day in Church Stretton, which only slightly diminished our need to immerse ourselves in cool water. So up the next morning, mildy hungover, hankering for mountains of toast, but keeping it down with the knowledge of a pub dinner to come. Out of the door and into the drizzle. Hoods up within 200 metres, a desire for waterproof trousers within half a mile, and then the sun came out. We strolled up to the disused reservoir, stripped and dipped. Ahhhhh. Back via the high route.

2 thoughts on “Carding Mill Valley Reservoir Revisited

  1. Nadsne says:

    Amazing landscape – what else could you wish your, cold water, good company, a bit of sun and nature. :)

  2. Nadsne says:

    Why does my name looks so weird :) haha…weird? Its nads. :)

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