La Maddalena, Sardinia


01/09/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape suggested a swimming holiday to celebrate her birthday. Despite my reservations about the heat, I thought it was a fine idea and we booked. I’ve been to Sardinia before and it has a beautiful coastline. La Maddalena is an archipelago off the north of the island and an Italian Nature Reserve. We booked with Swimtrek and had the delightful Lizzie De Bono and Yellow Nello as our guides; and Marco as our boat captain.

We swam, ate and drank Ichnusa. We discovered new snacks, Pistachio syrup and the taste of sea urchin. Peter brought his lads Alexandre and Raimund, stepped on an urchin, scraped himself on a rock, got stung by a jelly, his wife bruised his ribs whilst he was snoring and he had to have four stitches in his foot. Richard talked to me about the evolution of language and the nuances he studies in the way people speak. Plots were hatched by Sue, Michelle, Nicola and Cate to catch some decent fellas. Nick arrived with his family, having won the holiday as a prize after raising £12,000 at the last Swimathon; and then swam his first crossing, circumnavigation and coastal swims – ever. Aki cruised in from Manhattan and shared jokes, drinks, cards and backgammon with us. Warren and Anne shared their wisdom and enthusiasm; and set us to rights on occasion. And Catherine joined in the frequent forays into baking with Mrs Ape, Richard and I.

2 thoughts on “La Maddalena, Sardinia

  1. Alex says:

    Same guides I had last year. Looked great as ever. Happy Birthday Kate! The number on that cake can’t be correct?

  2. nick says:

    Nice one Carl and great to meet you and Mrs Ape,as you say a true glamour puss. Nick and the girls x

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