07/10/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape glides thru the water

Played squash for the first time in 30 years on Friday night and am discovering muscles that I never knew I had and that they hurt. A lot. A good excuse to practice drills then. We knew we’d never make the races – 9am on a Sunday morning! – so fetch up at half ten, glanced at the drawings for the new entrance, stripped off and did 600 yards of drills with Aqua Sphere Alpha training fins – which you can get discounted (at the moment) here. Mrs Ape, who suffered from the cold yesterday, did a shorter swim.

I was then in a discussion about media for the CWSC 2013 and we then ate, and shared, slices of Mrs Ape’s lovely version of Dan Lepard’s Orange and Walnut Cake. I had a chat with Nancy Shaw about channel swimming and realism; Doro about her Greek holiday and ex-pat communities, and Kate discussed gender stereotyping in nursery school. It seems the system gets ’em young. On the way out we helped another skinny malinky, Jawad, get his wetsuit on and wandered back home via the vagaries of the South Circular.

A wonderful way to spend the morning.

5 thoughts on “ouch

  1. Peter Ra says:

    Gender stereotyping? O no, could there really be a difference between men and women but new age man has got all confused! Blue for boys and pink for girls is just so helpful to help children learn the difference. Nothing to do with swimming of course but chat on! Meanwhile please can I ask that we keep the gender stereotyped showers at the Lido?

    • Peter, colours and gender are socially constructed. How you are socially received by others and how you interact are socially trained; and rooted in historic perspectives on what is right and wrong. For example, pink was for a long time a colour associated with boys (the idea of men being more sanguine; to use the term in its original, one of the four humours, sense). Pink is no longer so associated with men, but then you’ll see many men wearing pink shirts. And there is an esteemed short maker called Thomas Pink. Makes you think! Or perhaps you tread the dangerous road of preaching certainties?

  2. Peter Ra says:

    Carl, you are a real gem for sure. I hope the others who read this are equally as broad minded and you and don’t consign me to the deep end where the sharks are! You are right (as ever) that these ‘stereotypes’ or whatever you call them are not all the same in all places and all times. eg. Most of the world drives on the right but in the UK we drive on the left. I really hope that these free thinkers in the UK will not mess around with that one next! Meanwhile . . . keep swimming!

    • Sorry to butt in, can’t help it. Peter look through an Argos catalogue and tell me there’s no problem with gender stereotyping… when you’re a girl all of your role models are pink-clad, glittered barbies who get breast implants (‘I did it for me’) and marry footballers. If you’re a boy you have tons of action things in blue and green and yellow, and are expected to shoot everything that moves except for girls, who you treat as objects or possessions. It messes with your head! Let people be what they want to be, and give them a choice, for god’s sake.

      • Peter Ra says:

        Hi, Wildwomanswimming: I think I know what you mean. This is not so much “gender stereotyping” as outright child abuse by the commercial world with the sexual slogans on immodest clothing for young girls etc etc. Parental guidance is vital. It’s good how nurseries encourage messy play for both girls and boys.

        I’d rather take gender definitions from the Bible than from the commercial world.

        Carl, there is also a good theologian called Arthur W. Pink.

        Anyway, lets go for a swim . . . .this might be the last chance this year to put in some distance before it gets properly cold.

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