wild swimmer tamed in lido


12/10/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Jura – Inner Hebrides

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Iona who blogs as Wild Swimmers. She lives far away on the west coast of Scotland, on the mainland opposite Islay and Jura. Aside from being envious of her living in such beauty, I admire her determination to live a day to day life interpersed with swimming in the sea and lochs surrounding her. In her mail, she said she was down in London and wanted to go for a swim at Tooting. Fantastic. Thankfully the sun was out and the sky was blue – a perfect day to enjoy the lido.

We decided to swim for twenty minutes and then have a chat. I did four lengths of crawl and then thought, let’s chat. So spent another twenty odd minutes doing side stroke up the pool and head up breaststroke the other (I can only do sidestroke on one side!), chatting about swimming, the people we swim with and the people who comment on us swimming in cold water. All the time the sun was on us, until a very small cloud obscured it for a minute or so.

Swimming at a more sedate pace made me much cooler than I am usually comfortable with; and it took a a little while longer to warm up. But we shared home made biscuits, talked about our families, nattered with Big C about channel swimming and it all reminded me about how it’s good to be blessed with both a willingness and the opportunity to dip into large expanses of water at any time of the year.

Thanks for your visit Iona. I appreciate both the shortbread and your company. Hope to see you on the west coast sometime.


One thought on “wild swimmer tamed in lido

  1. Lottie says:

    Lovely post, Carl. I’m one of Iona’s Sound of Jura swimming friends. But my love for cold, open water swimming started in Tooting Bec Lido twenty years ago… I have wonderful memories of those early morning dips. Hope to meet you at the Cold Water Championships and also that you will join us here for a swim!

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