23/10/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Lardy Cake


Mrs Ape reports:

On my own again this morning, another damp and dreary day – as someone later said  “It’s like 50 shades of grey”.  On the positive side – it’s mild, the water is 12C and the mini radiators have been put back in the cafe, meaning that some modicum of warmth can be gleaned post-swim.    I’ve been toying with the idea of applying for next years Great British Bake Off.  The application form is lengthy.  Proof of range and complexity of bakes are required.  So lido cake lovers will be please to hear that my repertoire will be expanding.  My washer-up might not be so chuffed!  Finding a half pack of lard lurking in the back of the fridge I decided to make the British classic – Lardy Cake.  Yes it really is made with lard and I think that most bods that tried it this morning, enjoyed it.  On the swimming side, it took 8 lengths before I decided I had earned my slice!


6 thoughts on “Lardy-da!

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh, I love lardy cake – reminds me of my childhood. I think it would be FAB to see you on Bake-off, Kate – I love that show. x

    • Mr Ape says:

      Thanks Jenny – I’ll make it again for sure. Think we all need a bit of lard for the winter!

  2. Ian Clark says:

    I can vouch for it tasting magnificent. Do you think that the Great British Bake Off is ready for lard?

  3. Alex says:

    The cake was a success, delicious! I’d never had a Lardy cake before and didn’t even realise it had actual lard in it. I’m more than happy to try any cakes you care to bake. Thanks

  4. The “washer-up” us worried that his waistline might expand too much. But the journey will be tasty.

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