the honorary cake


03/11/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Gateau de St Honore

Having decided to enter the Great British Bake Off, Mrs Ape is setting herself some technical challenges; so expect fancy pants cakes on these pages over the next few months. There’s no guarantee that she’ll get on, but the practice will contribute to the gaining of Channel weight! And being the first Saturday of the month, Mrs Ape could show off her creation in the warm embrace of her new club, that weird sub-cult – The Breakfast Ladies. Who incidentally had a fine spread of other delicacies.

Having not been in for a while (work and snot) it was more than shocking to enter the water. So shocking that I have serious concerns about my earlier self’s sanity. I realise I am on a long re-acclimatisation journey.

Meanwhile Nicky decided I was so uncool that it’d be okay to ask me to teach her how to play handball (another lido sub-cult based loosely on the game of fives).

The sun was out, so all and sundry were out playing; and it’s good to see that our cousins in the wetsuits are still swimming – albeit in much reduced numbers.


4 thoughts on “the honorary cake

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m surprised you lot don’t just sink!! (envious) :P

  2. wildswimmers says:

    Sunshine and cake on the same day – you are SO lucky. We had a great swim today – 9 of us – in 10 degrees. This was followed by home made lemon drizzle cake, “baccy” (a high calorie concoction of digestive biscuits, syrup, butter and chocolate pressed into a tin and cut into large slices) and Duggie’s fabulous treacle flapjacks. No-one complained….

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