05/11/2012 by Carl Reynolds

As a cold water aficionado, who has recently lost his acclimatisation due to work and being bunged up, I have had to refer to my own advice about acclimatisation. This time last year I did 4000 yards at 8 degrees. In the same temperature on Saturday I managed 30 yards. I found it hard to believe that anyone could swim  more than a few strokes in such Baltic climes. Today, at 7.5 degrees C, I did 200 yards and realised that once my outer skin is numbed, and the pain has abated, I felt cold, but not desperate to leave the water. I know from previous reading (see cold acclimatisation), that below the immediate layer of outer skin, my core was going to stay warm for some time. But I also remembered that with acclimatisation, it is for most people, a necessarily gradual process. Tomorrow I shall do 400 yards. Regularity and gradual increase in time in, is critical. My aim is a mile under 5 degrees before the CWSC2013 – my theory will be put to the test.


One thought on “re-acclimatising

  1. Love the leaves in the pool photo :)

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