leaf grabbers


12/11/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Sue B grabs


Mrs Ape reports:  Monday is rapidly becoming my favourite day of the week.  Weekends are for doing “stuff”.  Monday is “please yourself day”.  It’s this time of year when the lifeguards appear to be permanently sweeping leaves.  Arriving to find the sauna had not yet been switched on and hoping for a longer swim today, I grabbed a broom and set to work sweeping out the changing cubicles.  A both productive and warming task, which allowed time to chat to all who arrived.  Alex did not have so much time on his hands and after deliberating, swam half his usual distance and enjoyed a cuppa and took a photo of my cake afterwards see here.  Leaves have gathered in great clumps on the bottom of the pool and in true SLSC club spirit, members have been asked to scoop up a couple of handfuls during their swim and dump them on the side of the pool.  Margy is very keen that the pool is pristine for the CWSC 2012, so work must start early!   Dylan seemed delighted with his new toy; while Tom sat watching an empty pool (I did check he was still awake!)  The sauna now warm, I relinquished sweeping duties and managed 10 lengths.  David reports the temperature to be “just 7C”.  Another couple of cold nights and we might get down the 5C, the magic number some of us are waiting for.


6 thoughts on “leaf grabbers

  1. LoneSwimmer says:

    Hey Carl. I recently screwed up my Kodak PlaySport UW camera. It did great videos but pretty crap photos (it was cheap, my main requirement!) What are you using? These photos are great.

  2. Mrs Ape says:

    We’ve just bought a Lumix DMC FT20. It seems to take good photos underwater, but some pics seem a bit over exposed, a bit of trial and error needed I think. It’s the cheaper of the 2 Lumix models as we didn’t feel the need for the GPS bells on model!

  3. Nando Cuca says:

    Can someone get Dylon a pressure hose ‘toy’ as well? The men’s bathroom is just so run down and grubby. Or are we supposed to be cleaning a loo or two before we leave the loo as well?

  4. Mrs Ape says:

    I think the Breakfast Ladies are planning on scrubbing up (or down) at the next breakfast! Perhaps it’s time for the chaps to pull their sleeves up!

  5. sara says:

    Hi, Just curious as a new joiner to SLSC. Why are you waiting for 5 degrees? And how far do you swim in that?

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