going down


28/11/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Jonathan C proves that even the slim can enjoy the cold

Below 7. Heading for Polar Bear territory. The One Km below 5 hats are waiting to be distributed to the hardy souls willing to overcome pain and numbnuts. Brooding skies, but no rain. Time to play doubles with Giles, Longpela and Nick – the stretched ones win. A shortish swim with Nando. Nicky has a day off and tells us about Marcus Aurelius (the last significant pre-Christian philosopher); and in the sauna we talk about being caught short for a pee (it descends into absurdity) and the rituals of buying pressies for Christmas. Meanwhile Sue and Sue bring out the iSpy at the Lido books; Chris is mildly looking forward to a month of Aladdin in Carlisle and the lifeguards keep losing their football in the pool.

4 thoughts on “going down

  1. Nicky Smith says:

    The intellectual tone of sauna conversations clearly lowers as the morning goes on…

  2. Peter Ra says:

    Hi Carl,
    I did a mile last Monday (19th) at about 7 degrees. Of course it takes me quite a lot longer than you. Around 41 minutes I am sorry to say. It took a lot of running to warm up afterwards too. Yet I am quite hopeful that I might win one of your lovely hats.

    • Peter – congratulations. Glad to hear you’re OK; and I know that you’ll be sensible. Sometimes I think that I may be tempting people to foolhardiness? Should be 5 by the middle of next week at this rate.

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