07/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds


Two degrees or thereabouts in the water. I did 533 yards and Nando, nursing a knee injury, swam 200. Others were doing widths and lengths. Thanks to everyone for sharing what they have for Christmas dinner. The meat eaters were, all bar one, very traditional and have turkey…with all the trimmings. The odd one out will have beef brisket or pheasant – he hasn’t decided yet. The vegetarians split between nut roast and mushroom pie. Almost all have Christmas Pudding, but the accompanying sauces split between custard, white sauce and brandy butter. And one who also has a trifle. So a random sample of the early morning lido crowd suggests that we are all traditional in our Christmas eating habits. And I thought the club was a hotbed of free thinking radicals.

If you want to listen in to the latest episode of Nando and The Ape, click here. Where we talk about Christmas present buying rituals, deconstruct chatting and it’s etiquette, and review a thing or two.


7 thoughts on “two

  1. Peter Ra says:

    Learning so much about chat and the art of conversation listening to you two on your link! Some great points here. Hoping I will do better next time we have a chat. Half an hour into it now and I realised I must stop and get back to work but you will not mind be rudely interrupting at this point!

  2. Peter – touched to think that you think that I spend all my time running a blog. Thanks for your comments about Nando and The Ape.

  3. wildswimmers says:

    It seems that cold water swimmers spend a lot of time talking about food! – the stodgier the better… cakes are top of my list.

    • Iona – have you heard if you’re in the endurance yet?

      • wildswimmers says:

        Yes! Lottie and myself have both been lucky enough to be invited – we’re very excited and have started serious winter training in a local fresh water loch (presently 5 degrees C). Are you and Mrs Ape competing?

        • I’ve been rejected, as I did it in 2011 – the event is oversubscribed. Mrs Ape should be fine though – we will hear next week. I’m not bothered though as I’ve been swimming the distance in just over two degree water, so it’s not really a challenge. I’m looking to do an ice mile before it goes above five again – a friend of mine is organising an event in early 2013. It’ll be good to see you again and meet Lottie.

          • wildswimmers says:

            Wow! – an ice mile??!! Good for you – now that REALLY is a challenge. Good to know that you’ll be there on the day, and that I can introduce you to Lottie – she’s looking forward to that.

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