Warm swimming in the Borders


13/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Up in the Borders visiting family pre-Xmas. Need a swim, so pop into the local pool while the school panto is going on. It’s warm. Too warm. The receptionist tells me afterwards that its a constant 29 degrees C. This is madness, from both an energy efficiency perspective, and from a resource efficiency perspective. To heat a pool to this temperature must consume a lot of energy – why not 27 I ask. She says that people complain that 29 is too cold and that it is set as a happy compromise. The other issue is that this temperature means more chlorine use to deal with the extra sweating. I’m also a little alarmed to see that hardly any of the swimmers getting in use the poolside showers and that people with long hair are not required to use a cap…there are plenty of hair clumps in the pool and the temperature interaction with the chlorine has made the pool a little cloudy. I manage 50 minutes before enough is enough. I’ve been swimming slowly to focus on stroke and to avoid overheating, but feel like I have been bleached. I’m glad that the River Tweed and local coast are more amenable in the spring and summer.

3 thoughts on “Warm swimming in the Borders

  1. Peter Ra says:

    Will you have a river or sea dip while you are there?

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