Christmas swims


30/12/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Bookies in action at the Christmas Races..."my money's on the one you can fry".

Bookies in action at the Christmas Races…”my money’s on the one you can fry”.

Seems like an age since Christmas Eve. In the meantime Mrs Ape’s been keeping up the Endurance Distances (and sometimes a little more), I’ve done some shorts and two 1km swims. The water’s risen to a balmy 5/6 degrees C. There have been less people on rainy days, except for the hordes on Christmas Day, and today the sun shone for the first time in what feels like weeks, but is probably only days.

Everyone has been full of bohomie, up for games of handball, endlessly chatty and witty in the sauna, and the cafe has seen a succession of delicious bites, bakes and bread. Ian Clarke won his first ever trophy (up the Shed End), Longpela and Sarah won a cup on the same day (Lifeguards Open and Lifeguards Only respectively) and Jim Boucher won the Autumn Cup in his spiderman togs.

More balls have been lost on the roof and all seem a little more portly!


4 thoughts on “Christmas swims

  1. Peter Ra says:

    Hi Carl,
    I thought to just confirm the effects of being away from swimming for a while. I remember you wrote about this a month or two ago after you were away, saying you felt very cold on returning to the Bec and that you only swam a short way. I swam only 4 lengths today at 6 degrees after nearly 3 weeks off. I would have swum 1400 yards at that back in November. It was really quite a shock to the body and brain. How long do you need to build up after a break like that? Is one or two swims enough?

    • Peter. A couple of widths more next time (as long as it’s not more than a handful of days), then a couple of lengths more when you feel less cold and more habituated. And then a couple more. But don’t try and overdo it. If the temp stays the same, you’ll be doing a km again inside a week. If you can’t swim most days, try to keep gaps to no more than three days. That way you should stay relatively hardened – unless it drops suddenly.

      Might have been easier just to say, “You know your limits, get out before you meet them!”.

  2. Peter Ra says:

    Thanks Carl. That sounds even more cautious than I was thinking but I will try to keep to your suggestion.

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