a funny old week


12/01/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Elizabeth fetches a stick!?

Elizabeth fetches a stick!?

Swimming indoors and outdoors is a little confusing, as I’ve not done it for ages. Prior to last week, I’d only swum indoors a handful of times in the last year. I’ve now swum indoors 4 times since the start of the year. It’s got so bad that I’m even contemplating a monthly pass! Most days, I’m not working, I swim at Tooting first and then go to Crystal Palace. Tooting’s been at 5C (today down to 4C) and CP is a constant 26/27c ish.

On Thursday I got in at Tooting thinking I’d do a few hundred yards and ended up swimming just over a mile. If I’d had observers, three thermometers and an ECG I’d have qualified for the International Ice Swimming Association – alas I had only one of these things, and I hadn’t started with the intention of swimming a mile. I then went up to CP and got into very warm water. It was odd.

Down at Tooting preparations for the CWSC are gathering pace. Volunteers are being prepped, supporters and traders are confirmed, participants are receiving information and we’re all hoping the water temperature will go down and stay down. And that the sun will be shining on 26 January.

2 thoughts on “a funny old week

  1. wildswimmers says:

    Gosh well done Carl – how long did your ice mile take?

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