getting ready for the CWSC2013


19/01/2013 by Carl Reynolds



Down to help with the clean up. Scrubbing the tideline and messing about on boats. Several endurance entrants thinking wtf! as the water is about 1 degree C; but many others dipping, splashing and thoroughly enjoying messing about in the snow.


7 thoughts on “getting ready for the CWSC2013

  1. Mrs Ape says:

    Great lido spirit as always!

  2. wildwomanswimming says:

    Shame I can’t join you, our chaps are very, very excited indeed! Hope it all goes well.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Bring it on!! Us Caulkheads are ready!

  4. Katie Kingwell says:

    Ooh that’s me in the top pic! Cool you can see the ice sheets :-) But what is ‘ffs’?! Expect I don’t want to know…

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