Book review – Beyond the Beach


12/02/2013 by Carl Reynolds


For a couple of years now I’ve been reading two Devon based swimming blogs – one called Devon Dispatches and one called Wild Woman Swimming. Both of them cover inland and coastal wild swimming – and imho are worth bookmarking, tagging or RSSing. Sophie Pierce, who blogs at Devon Dispatches, has just published a book with fellow swimmer Matt Newbury. Beyond the Beach – The secret wild swims of Torbay, takes the reader (and eventual swimmer) on a tour from Maidencombe to Durl Rock. Or for those of you more familiar with the solid – from Torquay down to Brixham.

Illustrated with underwater shots from Dan Bolt and a range of sumptious above water shots from Dan, Sophie and Matt, Beyond the Beach takes you on a tour of places like the Hindu Temples, Bell Rock, London Bridge and the Kraken’s Cave. There’s advice on access, tides, meet and depart points, grid references; and woven into all this local stories, anecdotes and swimming advice.

I for one would never have known that so close to that most quintessential of English towns, Torquay, was a barely explored wilderness. I want you to enjoy the book, so I’m not going to reveal much more. Published by Shoal Publishing, you can read more about the project and buy it here.

One thought on “Book review – Beyond the Beach

  1. Thanks for the plug! I can also very highly recommend the book – it’s wonderful.

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