05/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds


Freed from the antagonism of constant work and worry, many philosophers have mused on what us humans might endulge in. From the utopian fantasy that Marx envisaged, of people working in the morning and fishing in the afternoon; to the Calvinist fear of falling into the temptations of the devil – the dogmatic idea of work as salvation. To out myself. I made a decision many years ago to avoid full time work. I was lucky. I am male, white and University educated. I was born privileged. No one of my ilk is a self-made man; we emerged into the arms of privilege. For much of human history the struggle to have consistent food, clothing and shelter was rarely met for the masses. And more recently the additional (relative) luxuries of health, education and social services were denied to many. And in many parts of the world still are.

But back to Calvin. Whilst I do not think that the devil finds work for idle hands (not believing in the incredulous), I do think that I should be other than idle. But I shall also be idle. This morning I met some other idlers. All of whom also add considerable value to the lives of others. And do so because they have the time to be idle. Methinks the devil makes work for people who work too much!

500 yards in 2C water; 3200 metres in 27C water.

4 thoughts on “basking

  1. David Davies says:

    Carl, a poetic advert for occasional idling…. .

  2. openg says:

    I must have arrived just after you left as Inez and Jaward were in the same places. Jonathan had segued over to the other side of Inez and I sat by Jaward chit chatting and playing guitar until slightly sun-burned.
    The thing about the English weather is that a fella has to be available to enjoy it.

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