endless undulation


11/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Or how to learn butterfly the Shaw way. A day with Mrs Ape and four others in a basement in the city learning the foundations of effortless butterfly. I was surprised to be executing a half decent butterfly by the end of the day and can now, realistically, envisage doing more than 25m of fly without blowing up. Our trainer, Joe Detnon, was calm, clear and exhibited all the signs of an excellent trainer – describe, clarify, demonstrate, activate, support and give feedback. We had no cake, as we were uptown. But we did have a lovely avocado and prawn salad for lunch.

And to Monday. A wind chill factor in the minuses, air temp around zero and a water temp of 2C at Tooting. A couple of chilly 100 yard lengths, followed by two rounds of patball in a swirling snowstorm, before group consumption of my latest sourdough bake (a bit flat, but tasty). A pause for Calvinist deconstruction on the way out (cheers Peter – we’ll have to cogitate and dissect more some other time); being a mindful Mod with Jawad; Jonny and Nick’s background chuckles; belly laugh with Giles about I can’t remember what and Claire’s wonderful invitation made it a morning to cherish. We would have lingered longer, but the big angry god of training was demanding supplication – so off to Crystal Palace for a 5K stretch; and a few fly drills in its ridiculously overheated training pool. Feeling good.


3 thoughts on “endless undulation

  1. David Davies says:

    Couple of comments Mr Ape:
    -congrats on the successful butterfly sesh.
    -Are you going to butterfly the channel? That would be something to behold…
    -Did you get a feedback form for the training? You have to mention the lack of cake, for the benefit of future trainees you understand
    – very cold for Toowin swimming
    – I did 94 lengths in an overheated pool (Surrey Sports Centre) today. Do I win a prize?

    • Butterfly the channel?! I know that someone has (Julie Bradshaw), but I shall not be repeating her amazing feat. My aspiration is to do a couple of lengths of the lido and feel as untired as if I’d done two lengths of leisurely crawl. And you’ve been cracking them out! 94 lengths…if that’s a 25m pool, why didn’t you do another 6 lengths for the 5K?

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