SLSC Spring Gala


17/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds

the little fish met the big fish

the little fish met the big fish

Each Spring (though who knows where it’s got to this year?) we have a gala against other outdoor(ish) swimming clubs. The Serpentine Club come naturally, but we also had Team Outrageous, Out to Swim and the RAC swimming club. The SLSC put in three teams and there were 16 races. Each stroke, crawl relay, four stroke relay and the squad relay; split into under 45s, over 45s and over 60s. Out to Swim won, yours truly got a creditable 3rd in the over 45 crawl, and there were many cakes consumed by the assorted hordes.

pics mostly by Mrs Ape (some by Ape)

2 thoughts on “SLSC Spring Gala

  1. and it rained – a lot

  2. Barbara says:

    And it was cold. Really, really cold…….

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