another day at the office


18/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape and the generous expanse of Tooting Lido

Mrs Ape and the generous expanse of Tooting Lido

One of the advantages of being your own boss, is that you work when you want to work (mainly). For me my best times are between 7am and 9am; mid to late afternoon and into the quiet hours of the night. This means I get to swim when most people are working; and only have to share the pool with other under-employees, the retired and the random. So it’s mainly quiet.

Tooting Bec Lido at 8.45 in the morning, on a wet mid-March day is occupied by no more than four people at a time. There are more gathered in the kitchen, cupping cuppas and pontificating on matters various; huddled giggling in the sauna or indulging in the arcane ritual of Tootin’ Fives (aka patball, handball, pool ball, wall ball et al). And at various points after my 400 yards in 3.5 degree C water I encounter all of them.

Mrs Ape and I then venture forth to the warm, Bauhaus-esque brutalism of Crystal Palace pool. I knock out 6.4k in two hours and Mrs Ape does 2.5K in one hour ten. Then we stretch ourselves, rub each others backs and return to our small office in Catford to plan trainings, edit speakers notes, process VAT returns and listen to some cracking tracks.

I like swim training days.

4 thoughts on “another day at the office

  1. David Davies says:

    Good to see you both yesterday.
    400m in t’Lido. S’impressive.
    Is Mrs Ape beginning to wish she’d met a footballer?

  2. Peter Ra says:

    Are there two Tooting Bec Lidos? I swam in one today at 1.35 pm that was over 5 degrees C. It would have warmed up a little I guess since you were there Carl. It certainly felt fairly warm. My 400 yards in 7 mins 37 is hardly lightning speed I know but if it wasn’t about to close I would have done twice that without becoming delirious so it cannot be 3.5. The lifeguards’ thermometer may look useless but I think it is about right.

    • Peter – I go by David D’s thermometer. I reckon the lifeguards one is out by 1 to 1.5C. Congrats on your time in the water…just don’t shout it from the rooftops or the lengths polis will be afta ya.

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