again and again


21/03/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Up and down, up and down. Round and round, round and round. With much light pouring in it’s some relief to swim in Crystal Palace, but with kilometres passing more quickly (perceptually, if not really) I am beginning to feel like a caged aquatic. I yearn for the swell, lift and randomness of the sea. For the silty edges and weeds of a river. The suspended green of a lake. Winter is hanging on in there past the equinox. We may have more daylight, but we have more cold too. I am to be relieved though. In the next month, in three different trips, I have seventeen days in warmer climes – thirteen of them by Mediterranean beaches; and the others by the biggest hotel pool I have ever seen. In the Med, I will be outside and in warm (12C) water. It will move me about unexpectedly. I will see wildlife. I will no longer smell of chlorine. And when I come back at the end of April, the outdoor water temperature in England should be in double figures. I will be swimming solely outside again for months and miles.

Last week I did 24km indoors and had three short swims in Tooting Bec Lido (2C to 3C). This week I’ve done 16.5K indoors (three swims) and just over a km outdoors in two swims at 4C. I have another 5K to do tomorrow before heading off to the airport for the 1st trip.

7 thoughts on “again and again

  1. openg says:

    Have fun – I’m heading up to the lakes this evening for a day of swimming in streams and lakes tomorrow, so if you could send over some Mediterranean sun it’d be most welcome. :)

    • Unfortunately, I think not – I can highly recommend Buckstones Jump – a mile walk up from Rydal Mount.

      • openg says:

        Ahh yes, last time we visited (myself, Malcolm and Jean-Marie from the lido) we made it up that very river and swam in two spots, but turned back before the Jump and went on over to Birks Bridge at Duddon which is an amazing spot. A wild stream that plunges down under a stone bridge and broadens out behind to pools behind that you can swim in until the water drives you back. Perhaps this time we’ll make it up to the top.
        Where’s your first stop on your 17 day trip? In fact where are you going, more information please so we can live life vicariously through you :)

        • Dom – south of Duddon is Ulpha. The bridge is great to jump off! I’m off to Amman first – big hotel pool. I’m hoping it’s open and heated to less than 30C. Last time I was in Jordan, they thought 33C was a cool pool!

  2. openg says:

    You could nip on out to Petra, which sadly I didn’t do last time I was in Amman.

    If the hotel pool is that hot get them to bring over an ice bucket :)

  3. Alla says:

    Send you Canadian ice bucket to make your swimming more comfortable :)

  4. swansswimmer says:

    Have a great swimmy time Mr Aquatic

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