Tossed around in Tossa


04/04/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape, being fed up with the ridiculously elongated British winter, persuaded me to take a weeks holiday on the Costa Brava. Unbeknown to us the mercurial jet stream had abandoned the British Isles and is currently to be found hovering over northern Spain, bringing much changeable weather with it. So all a bit like a Brit spring should be like – choppy sea, air temp in low teens, sea temp just over double figures and moments of sun punctuated with regular downpours. Making me feel at home, when I want to feel sunburnt and embraced by a tepid, or at least cool, sea; rather than a fresh sea.

I should perhaps avoid the word ‘fresh’, as a couple of older women staying in the same hotel, pointed out that older sea swimmers often inform their offspring, in a vain attempt to reassure them, that the sea is ‘fresh’ when swimming in it year round. Perhaps I am getting old?

Back to the beach. It’s a km to the far beach and back; and around 300m to the statue of Diana. Yesterday it was a little choppy, so I was off to the far beach and back. Today it’s a little wilder, so it was off to Diana and back and few times. It’s now, a hour or so later, whitecapping, so we will be off to the lovely Castle Beach later, as its a little more sheltered.

I am at the moment wondering how the f**k I am going to swim for six hours in this temp, when I return to the Med in two weeks time.



6 thoughts on “Tossed around in Tossa

  1. Ian Cross says:

    Hi Carl, If you want to take Mrs Ape somewhere special (if you have a car), near Begur there’s a little cove called Aiguafreda, near Aigua Blava and there’s a lovely restaurant there, beautiful courtyard, excellent food, sa rascassa. Nice swimming there too. Have a good trip!

  2. John Donald says:

    you’re gonna love it Carl

  3. Peter Ra says:

    Any news from Amman?

    • Peter – only that the outdoor pool was closed, due to weather (it was 17C outside and sunny) and the indoor pool was over 30C, cloudy and around 15m long…yuck.

  4. Barbara says:

    You know you’re getting old when you go “Ooooff” when sitting down, standing up, or bending, your ears prick up when you hear the word “pensions” on the radio, and, when you refer to people born twenty years before you as “young”, they look at you as though you’re a moron.

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