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16/04/2013 by Carl Reynolds

P1010182And all of a sudden I came to the realisation that I would be doing a six hour swim next week. Having started the year with a plan; which was shredded by the reality of working travel; I think I’ve averaged 15K a week – my aim was 25K/week. I’ve managed two 2 hour swims, plenty of one hours and a few fistfuls of those inbetween. Most of that distance in the warm, but a lovely set of sea swims in 12C a week or two ago; and more recently, kms and then miles in the embrace of Tooting Bec Lido.

I fly to Mallorca for a Swimtrek Long Distance Camp on Saturday knowing that despite moving from Gozo, there are still jellies aplenty. And although I have been stung mightily and often in the past, it is this, more than the hours of swimming, that is daunting. As Dan Martin would say, “HTFU”.

I remain thankful for my decision to try La Manche next year and not this. My summits are lower – two or three six hour swims by the end of July. If I remain in good physical shape – more into the winter and on to Midsummer 2014. I’m also delighted to find that John Donald (the ice emperor) is no3 on the same boat as me next year. Bring it on. I’m smiling.

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