the sauna is closed, long live the sunshine


30/04/2013 by Carl Reynolds


After an hour being mildly bleached and basted in Crystal Palace we wended over to Tooting Bec Lido for some games, cakes and a cool swim. Feeling a touch raw from yesterday’s attempts at a graceful butterfly; a most unsuccessful venture; I decided on another half hour. The pool, still a little murky from a filtration crisis, was also a few inches shallower. ‘More coming out than in’, said Dyl, ‘but we think we have it stabilised. The blokes are here to fix it.’ I like the idea of a maintenance company called The Blokes. And don’t like the idea that it seems, inevitably, to always be blokes.

Mrs Ape came close to beating me at pat ball; but then I had just thrashed Jonny and Nick. The librarian was as usual not in her library, but she compensated with the offer of cake in the fridge. Filed as 641.8653. Sue admitted her sanding shame – not in front of the blokes (yet another set), and Jenny had to go to improve on her prodigious output of 50 words yesterday. Ah the distractions of the twitterati.

A long cool swim later we left sated.

One thought on “the sauna is closed, long live the sunshine

  1. Nicky says:

    Excellent knowledge of Dewey there. I’ll be not in my library again tomorrow morning..

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