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03/05/2013 by Carl Reynolds


Or another sunny day at Tooting Bec Lido. Over on the SwimShaw Method page on FB, it was noted that polar bears have been observed swimming hundreds of miles to find food. They asked, the page on FB, how far we’d swum and why? Naturally the plight of the polar bear was not lost in the subsequent comments.

It made me think about what can be done? Having been in several associations over the years and worked, planned or campaigned for this, that or the other; I know that it’s hard to convince people that, even modest, changes to their behaviour can be effective.

For the swimmer the idea might be to ask what they think of the kind of water they’d like to be swimming in. Is the sea teeming with life or lifeless? Is the coral profuse or spartan? Are the fishes few or fecund in their profusion?

But what first step can I take? I think about where the fish I’m eating came from and how? And when I’ve considered whether it was one of a few of it’s kind left; or whether the farming of it replaced a more diverse environment; or whether the packaging is reducable or reusable, or even necessary; then I can eat, adapt and consider the next thing.

We can swim gracefully, so let’s live like it too.

Meanwhile, we compared garish cossies; talked about training, writing, youth and technique; played pat ball – Mrs Ape surprising the Elders of Patball with her adept strokes; drank coffee and swam.




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