I heard Dover, calling me


04/05/2013 by Carl Reynolds

With apologies to The Triffids. Having made a decision, I took the next step. Day one Channel Training on Dover Beach. Register, make friends, have two very chilly swims. Mrs Ape tells the story with her pictures; I’ve added a few comments. On the way back up the M20, I felt blessed by the sunshine, the Beach volunteers, my co-aspirants, the lovely Mrs Ape and chatting. And I met a few who can’t half chit-chit-chatter. Missed Pip. Last, but not least, I discovered (although I know her well) the magnificent, marvellous, miraculous Aquatic Chicken – Sarah Tunnicliffe.

5 thoughts on “I heard Dover, calling me

  1. Sarah Dunstan says:

    Hello Carl! I have just discovered your blog and was so delighted to see your photo – I do not think that I ever heard that you had a blog! It will be great to follow your story.

  2. minkejill says:

    looking forward to joining you all next week. Looks lovely!

    • I could see people swimming beside me too. And the odd rock or weed below. Let’s hope it stays sunny and gets warmer in the water. 9C was a little fresh.

      • minkejill says:

        it’s warmer than here! And I am slightly jealous as I didn’t see anything at all in Dover harbour last year as water always too murky :o(

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