aches and pains


10/05/2013 by Carl Reynolds

daft ape-uth

daft ape-uth

One particular stupid swim this week. Tuesday I get into the lido. It’s 15C. I think I’ll swim for 2 hours, but get out after 1hr 40m. I’m hurting a little. I kept pace with James Penrose (Channel 2012, MIMS 2013) for ten lengths; which wasn’t so bad. Then a mile or so later, swim captain Mandy gets in. Catches me after about six lengths. I keep pace with her for what seems like an eternity, but is probably only 600 yards. I ease off and thank her; and carry on. After 5600 yards (5K) I’m hurting and taut and getting very slooow. I exit. I feel OK, but for the subsequent few nights it’s been a bugger to get to sleep as it appears I’ve traumatised my intercostal muscles and breathing is very painful – especially when lying down. It’s recommended to me that I ease off. But I have a short swim on Sunday (a 2k fundraiser). And then I’m in Vienna for work til Thursday…and the river lidos are open. In the back of my mind, the reality of overextending already cold contracted muscles. And the lesson, it’s not a race, it’s a long, langourous swim. Have a break.

5 thoughts on “aches and pains

  1. Dude, that picture looks a little bit like me…

    • Aside from CWSC, I don’t think I’ve seen you down Tooting way. It’s one of my stock pictures from a while ago. Suspend your disbelief!
      I won’t be at Dover this weekend – hurting too much, but will be back on 18th May. Hope your training’s going well.

      • akismet-0b77cba162b1ffbbaf64b39751af6f5f says:

        Sorry Carl but I think you are mistaken. Tom Reed took this picture and posted it on Facebook. It is me swimming at Tansor in the Nene River during our winter “Dawn to Dusk” relay. It is my second favourite photo and he supplied the original hi-res to me to use on my bio page on my website:

        I also have a larger version of printed and framed at home so I know it quite well. If you don’t believe me then check Tom’s original gallery, shared a link to your timeline.

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