training pays off


27/05/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape's a winner

Mrs Ape’s a winner


Today’s is a simple message – Mrs Ape is a Winner! The proud holder of the Rose Merritt Bowl. Rose was an old time SLSCer who used to swim naked and ride horses round the common; our very own Lady Godiva. Mrs Ape has promised to swim naked sometime in the not so distant future to celebrate; but is finding it hard to resist the entanglements of the Breakfast Ladies cult trying to claim the prize as one of theirs. Meanwhile the sun was out, Kate baked a chorizo (nb librarians – that’s a spicy pork sausage) and pistachio cake; Vince conquered all on the LidoFives court and chatting there was a plenty.

Ape – 2200 yards, 100 yards race; Mrs Ape – 600 yards, 100 yards race Winner. 12.5C


2 thoughts on “training pays off

  1. wildswimmers says:

    Well done Kate – love the tan!

  2. […] time last year, Mrs Ape won the Rose Merritt Bowl, and established a new tradition – the winner has to swim naked in honour of Rose Merritt. […]

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