Ned’s torture camp goes softcore


13/07/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Having experienced two previous Ned Swim Camp’s, it’s reputation suggested cold water (less than 12C), stormy seas, lots of rain and bags of winter clothing. But then Ireland experienced it’s warmest week for a century or more. The first day we had a little cloud, then it lifted and we all got tans and stood around in our togs chatting after each swim. I’ll let the pictures do the talking; but it was a pleasure to be swimming with some of the world’s elite marathon swimmers – past, present and future. Many thanks to Ned and Catherine for their support and concern for everyone’s well being. Bon Courage to those swimming the English Channel, North Channel, Catalina and Gibraltar channels this summer.

One thought on “Ned’s torture camp goes softcore

  1. Bethany Bosch says:

    These pictures are fantastic! What fun!

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