on the edge of England


21/07/2013 by Carl Reynolds

A coach trip. To Margate. Being the SLSC and all, it combined the physical, intellectual and rambunctious all in one. Mrs Ape and I were picked up in Catford to raucous calls of ‘we want cake, we want cake’; and had the pleasure of the front two seats. The view though, passed in a blur as we chit, chit, chattered away along the estuary out to the edge of Planet Thanet.

Batch talked us through the Turner Contemporary exhibition on the curious, and we immersed ourselves briefly in the gallery before heading off to Broadstairs and the walk, talk and and swim back to Margate.

Thanks to Gail for organising and providing day packs; Sue for design and production of the caps and all and sundry for being upstanding members of the chuckle club. Oh, and according to local graffiti ‘Egg Smells’.

2 thoughts on “on the edge of England

  1. Gutted I couldn’t make it! Hopefully I’ll be around next time SLSC goes on tour…. :- )

  2. […] Or as Dan Graham puts it, rubbish swimming. Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) are hosting a series of beach clean ups around the UK at the end of March. SAS organise regular clean ups, but they’ve become more pertinent with the recent storms…a lot of crap has washed up onto the beach. For those of you in SE England, Mrs Ape and I will be going to the Walpole Bay clean up on 29 March (meet at Jet Ski World), followed by a swim in the old sea lido there (see photos here.) […]

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