South Hams – pt2


27/07/2013 by Carl Reynolds

I meet their eminence’s Kari and Lynne at New Bridge car park. Kari I’ve not seen for ages, a heartfelt hug, and we’re smiling already. Outdoor swimmers eh? Lynne I know via her blog – wildwomanswimming – and FB. We hardly talk blogs at all. Rivers, politics, cultural theory, artistic endeavour, dates, dogs, JJ, people we know…we dive into the human delight in other’s stories and ideas.

They suggest Sharrah Pool, too far for the hordes, and a long, deep cleft in the woods cascading down the Dartmoor edges. We play, share biscuits, walk and talk. And talk some more.

After they’ve gone I wander down to Ashburton and eat a tasty lunch at the friendly Green Ginger. And return to the end of Spitchwick Common for another swim; before a few lengths and drills in the 22 yard Ashburton Lido. And some more chatter with Kari and her trainees.

One thought on “South Hams – pt2

  1. Wonderful to meet and talk and swim with you, your Aquatic Eminence…

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