Isle of Purbeck birthday trip


19/09/2013 by Carl Reynolds

I turned 50 last weekend. It seems a lot of years. I remember how I used to think that was ancient. But as I’ve only been swimming properly for five years, the desire to celebrate somewhere elemental was strong. Mrs Ape provided feast after feast, there were three cakes, and the boys brought a lot of booze.

I’ve always thought of the Isle of Purbeck as the closest bit of relative watery wildness to London as you can get. The coast from Kent and around seems built up and full of people; whereas the beginning of the Jurassic coast has magnificent curving sandy bays and dramatic cliffs. We swam each morning off Swanage Beach, made a trip to Winspit to swim in the kelp and walked cliffs and woods. A good way to see in the next few decades.



8 thoughts on “Isle of Purbeck birthday trip

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Aqua-man!! Looks like a great celebration.

  2. Laura says:

    Oh what lovely lovely photos Carl – great to see some old friends looking great! Happy birthday x

  3. Bridged says:

    looks lovely x

  4. wildswimmers says:

    Love the Swanage crew pic! Happy Birthday Carl – and the best way to celebrate life!!!!

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