back to the future


11/10/2013 by Carl Reynolds

here comes the sun

here comes the sun

Feels like summer never happened; at least from the social-down-the-lido time. We’re all back, a few new faces, the water’s cold and we’re brewing our own tea again. For the first time this year, I feel the water needling it’s coldness into my skin. I get the tingling burn in the shower afterwards and my finger tips are slightly numb. A little early to be like this I think, but then I was swimming a little slower to match Nando and Carleone, and we did stop for a chat or two. And I’ve not been in since Sunday. And the air temperature has dropped. A host of reasons and explanations reminding me that acclimatisation and habituation to cooler and then cold water is a complex business.

2 thoughts on “back to the future

  1. The sea’s still quite warm, but the Dart has dropped to 10.4 this morning according to Sophie. Not sure I want to tackle the cold again…but!

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