Tri-a little harder dear

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12/10/2013 by Carl Reynolds


Mrs Ape reports – Earlier this year, I decided to try my hand at running.  It’s really not ever been my bag, but it’s a cheap and easy way to keep fit I felt, and nicely supplements swimming and also cycling (which I do to get to work.)

The Ape kindly bought me a fab pair of running shoes and off I went.  Under the guidance of my son (warm ups and stretching) and the advice of other more experience runners, I started a regime of 1 minute walk / 1 minute run (well I did hit 50 last year and believe in taking it easy!)

All went well for a couple of months but following my dream of running a whole mile without stopping and a patch over very hot weather things tailed off.  Looking for some inspiration to get motivated I hatched an idea called “Tri-a little harder dear”  Sounds patronising?  It’s meant to be very tongue in cheek!

The 3 disciplines of triathlon, but all at your own pace.  I threw the idea out to some bods at the lido – mainly the sub-club of “Breakfast Ladies” whom I had the pleasure of going away to Dorset with earlier this year.  It received an enthusiastic response   I did a couple of trial runs on my own.  1) Swim, cycle, run – bad mistake.  Too cold after the swim and so hot after the run I had to get in the pool again!  2) Cycle, run, swim – a winning formula.

“Will there be certificates?” Of course.  So this morning, armed with maps, sign in sheets, certificates, cake and the Ape to act as photographer I ran the first event.  On a beautiful sunny morning, 9 started and 10 finished!  I can safely say it was enjoyed by all with a very positive response. I’d planned for a monthly event, but some are so keen they want every other week.  So it looks like we’ll be out again in the not too distant future.

Thanks ladies for making it such fun, Nando for the certificate design and the Ape for taking photos.  Seems I have found my mojo again BIG time!


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