Saturday morning


23/11/2013 by Carl Reynolds

A long stroll round the common with Batch, glimpsing the Tri-Dears here and there. The autumn colours are rich at the moment and cast a golden glow over things. The water is a hand aching 4C. Having not been in for nearly a week, I was reluctant to put my head down. But on doing so, was surprised that my hands felt worse than my face. After a couple of hundred yards my toes started to numb too. After 600 yards I decided to give my now aching nether regions a break. I need to remember to resist and relax. The water feels denser. It may be that it does thicken this far out from freezing point, but I think it’s just that numb limbs feel bigger as they stroke into the water. Mrs Ape made ginger parkin.



2 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. rjcudlip says:

    I see the photo of me came out rather splendidly! Great stuff :-)

  2. Rebecca says:


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