frosty Friday


06/12/2013 by Carl Reynolds

Lots of people off to Poland for some cold water races, so the lido is quiet. It’s down to 3C and today I was not as robust as usual. A four hundred yard mosey, hands iced inside 200 yards, determination to stay in longer waning rapidly at 300 yards. No after drop, but it took a while to get the feeling in my hands again. The vagaries of biochemistry.

2 thoughts on “frosty Friday

  1. DD says:

    I nearly went this morning, so regretting it now. I would have been sat at the same desk typing the same stuff…. I have this eternal internal battle between swim and get stuck in traffic or don’t swim and don’t get stuck in traffic. Are you swimming tomorrow Mr Ape? We can get cold hands together…

    • Swim and get stuck in traffic. At least this way you get the euphoria and calmness to face the metal madness. As to tomorrow, alas I am off to London Fields, Parliament Hill Lido and a pub for lunch. I’ll be down Sunday though – do you fancy a race? And you can keep your frozen mitts to yourself mister x

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