chilly swim


02/03/2014 by Carl Reynolds

This week I came back from working overseas in temperatures between 20 and 26C; and with nowhere to swim, because apparently it was “still too cold”. Re-immersing oneself into 6C water after an absence of ten days is no joke. I felt like blocks of ice had been wrapped around me and I’d been left to float in the lido. A few days later I managed half a mile, and am hoping for more as the days go by.

Meanwhile a few ice mile aspirants I know are bemoaning the mild winter(!); Chillswim booked their 2015 event on the same weekend the SLSC hold their biannual CWSC (Homer’s volunteering from Sellafield); we’re back to Stalinist elections at the SLSC (everyone gets elected unopposed); and the regulars are enjoying themselves (with a little hat tip to Strel Swimming…I can highly recommend the Slovenian Lakes trip).


2 thoughts on “chilly swim

  1. DD says:

    Lovely pics and commentary as always…. good to see you two the weekend, albeit fleetingly.
    Couple of things:
    Can we have some more of that Gingery cake please Mrs Ape?
    Have you got any work bookings in cold places?
    Take it you’re not standing for any roles at the AGM then?
    Had a very interesting conversation over tea and cake with Roy and Pipeye re installing lights in the pool to allow night time swimming, whilst complying with prevailing light pollution rules and regs. Has anyone done some feasibility work on it? Or is it completely out of the question…?

    • DD – Kate is giving up cake for Lent, which starts on Wednesday; so you’ll have to wait til late April! As to lights round the pool, I’d say that Pip is a far better judge of technical possibility than I. And me on the Committee? You’re having a laugh aren’t you? I lie in Catford, have served on too many, and would rather swim and offer the odd bit of scrutiny.

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