in the company of apes


08/05/2014 by Carl Reynolds

SLSC goes Margate, innit

SLSC goes Margate, innit

Aquatic apes (possibly) congregate every morning at the longest pool I know. A 100 by 33 yard oasis of open air, and unheated, water swimming. From the ice cracking to the weaving through the summer crowds, you’ll meet a contracting and expanding band of friendly souls, who are the South London Swimming Club. On a daily basis you can be regaled with jokes, witticisms, fascinating anecdotes, carefully woven yarns, preposterous stories, games of ball, live music and a host of other perceptual delights. But this morning, after our regular swimming, a company of us did Clean Number One in the caff, to help our comrade in cuisine, Nando, begin to get it shipshape for the coming season. In friends you find peace; and in peace you find friends. And cheeky monkeys.

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