30/05/2014 by Carl Reynolds

Now that I have lost 22lbs of insulation and started running, I set myself a target of getting to regular 10K runs by the end of the summer. En route I thought I might as well have a milestone; so set myself the goal of doing some of the SLSC organised Aquathlon’s – a 1K swim, followed by a 7.5K run – in less than a hour in total. I discovered, on filling in the entry form, that now I am over 50 I am considered a Super Veteran. I cast my eyes over last year’s results and realised that several SuperVets had taken part; and the fastest seemed to be around 54 minutes. I was on a mission.

But…I am also keenly aware that overdoing it produces aches, pains and lingering muscle injuries. And, having only been running for three months, and having not run in a competitive event since I was 17, I had no idea how to run a race. So I decided that steady and in flow would be best. Before the race, Mandy (SLSC Swim Captain) and I realised we were the only swimmers without a wetsuit; and later as Mrs Ape was helping with timing, an observer was heard to exclaim, “There’s a man swimming without a wetsuit over there!”.

I did the 1K without overextending myself in a tidy 16.48, messed around a little getting my shoes and t-shirt on (it is after all 2/3rds of a faffathlon) and set off at a gentle canter. It was encouraging to see a friendly SLSC race marshal at each turn in the course; stopped to retie my laces; was overtaken and overtook and came in in 53.32…gaining 3rd out of nine SuperVet as a result; and around 35th out of 100 entries. I am, needless to say, a bit chuffed. And have promptly signed up for two more.


5 thoughts on “Aquathlon!

  1. You’ll need a bike too should you wish to undertake the famous JJ Wildathlon on Dartmoor…

    • I’m not certain that I want to entertain the idea of being a triathlete. But in the spirit of Mrs Ape’s Tri-a -little-harder-dear, we may both try some time. What does it entail?

      • It’s an entirely loose affair: JJ (and sometimes Steph) used to cycle from Ashburton to New Bridge, run up through Holne Woods to Sharrah, swim or dip depending on the water temp, run back to New Bridge then cycle back to Ashburton. I joined them a couple of times at the pool, but missed out the cycle and replaced the run with a power walk!

  2. […] of Jenny Landreth’s Swimming London; Mrs Ape won the Rose Merrit Bowl again; and I was the 3rd SuperVet in my one and only […]

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