“I am not a one tune fiddle”


19/08/2014 by Carl Reynolds

The climbing wall at Glassmill, Lewisham

The climbing wall at Glassmill, Lewisham

Being Mrs Ape’s semi-intoxicated interpretation of not being a one trick pony. So, according to younger people various, myself and Mrs Ape are ‘middle aged thrill seekers’. We decided that for the passing of another year in our thrill-full lives that we’d add another – we began climbing. Petyr, our tutor, roped us up and had us climbing every bit of wall by the end of the hour. Mrs Ape, inspired by my shimmy up the first route, proved to be the abler of us both and began to conquer her fear of heights. And is determined to do more. Why do we either want or need this skill? The short answer is that it’ll help us get to more inaccessible beaches, and the long answer is tied up in a complexity of consciousness about ageing, aching and existentialist angst! I can highly recommend it. The climbing that is, not the angst.

4 thoughts on ““I am not a one tune fiddle”

  1. Chris says:

    Next time you are Devon way, Dartrock near Buckfastleigh offers some great indoor walls and as the name suggests it is right on the banks of the Dart.
    If you like climbing, try caving, I really recommend that as a follow on and within a mile of Dartrock there is Pridamsleigh Cavern.

  2. deborahdoane says:

    What’s next you middle age thrill-seekers? I say sky diving or hang gliding.

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