gone PHISHing 2015


18/01/2015 by Carl Reynolds

A year ago, myself and Mrs Ape went to the inaugural PHISH (Parliament Hill Ice Swimming Hootenany), organised by John Donald in reaction to the paucity of lengthy and annual cold water swimming races. Parliament Hill Lido is 61m long, so races are 122m (two lengths), 244m (four lengths), a 4×61 relay and an incremental endurance (610m at 0 degrees, and another 61m for each degree above zero). The water was a shade under 5 degrees C, so parky and chill, but not really cold. 125 plus people entered, 82 registered a DryRobe (it became difficult to find people), and there was not a smidge of neoprene to be seen anywhere. Plenty of bioprene though. To paraphrase Mike Tipton (researching cold water immersion at Portsmouth Uni) on cold water swimming, “You either need to be fast, or have lots of fat”. Remarkably I got into the final of the 244m; and even more remarkably came 4th – all that lolling about in Tooting Bec Lido’s sauna paid off. In the relay I was joined by fellow South London Apes, Ian, Kat and Mrs Ape for a fun few lengths of steel lined pleasure; and was partly wistful and partly relieved that I wasn’t in the endurance (but I did it last year).

I think most UK outdoor swimmers know about this event now, but those overseas readers (especially those from the SW of Ireland!) might want to think about entering next year. Long, cold races with lots of like minded folk…what’s not to like? Follow the example of Anna Maria Mullally, who conquered the endurance swim on your behalf – a cool 915m in ice mile temperatures.

8 thoughts on “gone PHISHing 2015

  1. barjennings says:

    Great post, Mr Ape. Sorry I couldn’t be there.

  2. wildswimmers says:

    Lovely post and pics. Very tempting….

  3. swansswimmer says:

    Great photos Carl, many thanks. A top pool based swim event and I echo your thanks to John and Jeremy, the compare, the many helpers, all the swimmers and the spectators, many of whom will no doubt swell our numbers next year. Top blog, top day. And the beers are on Bel :)

  4. Sorry – Scottish Wild Ice Swimming Hootenany or SWISH

  5. Just stumble on your site when searching something related to swimming, you website is awesome dear.

    The pictures are awesome man which camera you used ? is it GoPro ? can i use any of these pics on my website (should i need to post one)?

    BTW this is a good active and interested blog to read, you found a regular visitor to your site Carl :)

    • Well – thank you. Happy for you to use my photos, as long as you link back to my blog and don’t use them commercially. As to camera -Olympus Tough T2 and various phones over the years.

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