CWSC 2015


25/01/2015 by Carl Reynolds

I had three personal hopes for the Cold Water Swimming Championships; one, that I’d do a width of crawl (30m) in less than 20 seconds; two, that I’d be the slowest breaststroker; and three, that I’d get a Highly Commended in the best hat competition. My crawl time was 20.45 seconds; I was the third slowest breaststroker and I won, yes I won, the Best Hat, with my smoking dragon (see here for a picture). Meanwhile Mrs Ape became the 16th fastest female 50-60 year old cold water freestyler in the UK, to my 12th. But it is clear that there are a lot of qualifiers to that magnificence!

Mrs Ape collected Highly Commended for her drunken seagull.  Apparently the judges would have placed it higher, but she’d been on the lash and was unstable on her pins! Elsewhere the massed ranks of the SLSC ensured the event was staffed to the nines – literally hundreds of volunteers, food concessions, music, bar, merchandise and so on – made it a roaring success. Congratulations to the organisers, participants and spectators – see you in 2017.

3 thoughts on “CWSC 2015

  1. SUPERB day as always! Well done on the hat prize. You deserved it!

  2. […] Blog post from one of my relay team members at the UK Champs (and winner of best hat) […]

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