goggle review – Swans


05/02/2015 by Carl Reynolds

Swans on left, Kaiman's on right

Swans on left, Kaiman’s on right

Reminded by lone swimmer’s piece on how to choose googles yesterday, that I have a pair of Swans goggles courtesy of my first prize in the Cold Water Swimming Championships, I remembered to try them out today. My goggle of choice for the last six years has been the AquaSphere Kaiman. In my early days of open water swimming (2008), I used Speedo Biofuse, but had massive leakage issues on a Swimtrek long distance swim camp in Malta in 2009, and found some Kaiman’s in a dive shop by my hotel. They worked straight way – no fiddling, no readjusting, they worked for my head. And this is perhaps the crux of my review – goggle fit is not universal. The Swans look great, they fit on straightway, don’t leak, don’t need any fiddling, and the polarisation is a boon. But…they don’t give the same range of vision as the Kaiman’s. Sideways and downwards is all good, but I couldn’t really see straight ahead…I did have a close up of my eyelashes though! Despite my initial disappointment, I resolved to give them a kilometre. And then swapped back to my Kaiman’s and immediately was able to see more. This is, I think, due to the way I swim with head slightly up, not down as is recommended by many swim coaches. So, if you’re a head down swimmer, these will be great for you, if not, they won’t.


2 thoughts on “goggle review – Swans

  1. DD says:

    Top tip Mr Ape
    Can you do swimming trunks next please?

  2. Yes – get some Funky Trunks. And now you’re over 50 – make them brief. Put it all on show brother, you’ve got plenty to be proud of!

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