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11/02/2015 by Carl Reynolds

Torquay - city on the sea

Torquay – city on the sea

I probably shouldn’t tempt fate, but we have accepted an offer on the house and it looks like we’ll be moving soon. I spent the first 24 years of my life moving here, there and everywhere (my dad was in the RAF); and then the next 27 have been in London. Only latterly have I been a swim fanatic. Until just seven years ago I could only swim a couple of lengths of front crawl (in a short pool!), until I met the amazing Kari Furre, who taught me that crawl could be both smooth and fast. I joined the SLSC in 2008 and immersed myself in the most wonderful collective of people I’ve ever met (there are of course individuals who have had a profound influence on me outside of swimming), and I shall be very sorry to be departing their daily wit, generosity, and wisdom. The next phase has begun, and having said way back that I’ll move out of London when I’m fifty, I’m just a year or so late.

We moving to Torbay. Not sure yet if we’ll settle in Torquay or Brixham, but we will be siting ourselves no more than a mile from the sea. Like others down there – who we’re looking forward to knowing more – we will swim every day that we can, rain or shine, summer and winter. I’ll miss the sauna, but if we’ve a bit of cash to spare…

And we will have at least one spare room and an open invitation to those swimmers we have played with over the years – the Scots, the Three River Trolls, the Yorkies, the London massive, the Irish, the Vermont Viking and all the others. Don’t wait to be invited – just ask!

14 thoughts on “to waters new

  1. We are very much looking forward to new adventures with the Apes! xx

  2. DD says:

    Our loss will be Torbay’s gain. Exciting times!

  3. wildswimmers says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly with your sale – so exciting for you!

  4. Mrs Ape says:

    The door will be open and cakes aplenty baked!

  5. How exciting…we may just be asking and of course you are very welcome here in Switzerland/France

  6. Amanda Sitto says:

    How absolutely wonderful for you both!! Will miss your dry sense of humour and your wet body in the sauna!

  7. swansswimmer says:

    Not sure that there is enough cool water in the English Riviera for you though. Happy and succesful house hunting.

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