Rio de Janiero


01/05/2015 by Carl Reynolds

Viva the Cariocas! Ten days in Rio hosted by our friendly carioca Nando (or Naandu) for a feast of food, swims, sights and various delights, along with his beau, Anna. The photos tell some of the story, but I deleted some by mistake and we forgot to take some on other days – so we have none from our trip around Santa Theresa and surrounds with Marina and Bebel (check out Bebel’s amazing design work here). If you visit we suggest you swim at Ipanema Beach (it’s cleaner in the water than Copacabana); eat at a juice corner store and have the Acai; go to a all you can eat BBQ (we went to Porcao); go an see the Redeemer for the 700m high view over the city and the tram ride up; Sugarloaf for sunset; pies, pasties and sweetmeats generally; fruits you have never eaten; go to the Academy of Cachaca and try various cocktails (passion fruit caipirinha was Mrs Ape’s favourite, coconut was mine); a stroll around Santa Theresa and surroundings; Globo snacks on the beach; use the taxi’s to get around and the metro; buy swimwear, as you’ll find unique cuts and colours; smile…and find out the rest for yourselves.

One thought on “Rio de Janiero

  1. barjennings says:

    Looks brilliant! Great pics, as ever.

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