Guns of Brixham


23/05/2015 by Carl Reynolds

We stayed the night before we moved in, at a lovely roadside place by Churston Station – a short stroll to Elberry Cove for swimming aficionados – before rolling up to Northfields Lane to bring the boxes in, sort them, and begin the lengthy, but delightful for the occasional surprise revealed from the paper wrapping, process of setting up a new house. By four we were in need of a cold swim. So swim bags loaded we strolled off through Brixham, punctuated by the purchase of a co-axial cable, to Breakwater Beach for a brief dip in its clear and slightly bouncy embrace. Then a wander off to spy Shoalstone Pool – an old sea lido, caressed by local swimmers from ruination and still free to use. Lined with small cubicles, these in maritime blue and white, unlike the rainbows of Tooting Bec Lido.

The next morning brought another clear sky and pink through the treetops sunrise, before a bowl of fruit and down to Fishcombe Cove. Around morning high tide, we went in via the steps and swam off into the sunlit part of the cove. Underwater Kate was clear, but there was still some churn to make further viewing impossible. I was out before the hardy Mrs Ape and we laughed at the seal deigning to make an appearance after our swim. “What, no nibbles, like you do for Mr Popham, sir?” And back to the unpacking.

And before too long, another visit to the sea. This time to Breakwater Beach; as the name suggests adjacent to Brixham’s half mile breakwater. The beach a short pebbly crescent edged by the aforementioned breakwater and some craggy cliffs. Clear-ish water, a cold embrace and some scuba diving shenanigans later, we were grinning on the beach again. And so it continued for Mrs Ape’s week – I was off in Canada – before returning to the opening of Shoalstone Sea Pool today and meeting volunteers various both in and out of the water. Bliss.

5 thoughts on “Guns of Brixham

  1. Seems you have found your Nirvana 😎😘

  2. Bridged says:

    It all looks so lovely – We look forward to you both showing us your little bit of heaven xxx

  3. Glad to see you getting in on the Popham seal gags immediately! xx

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