25/11/2015 by Carl Reynolds

My shoulder is starting to heal and I’m upping the swim distance. This last week is the first time I’ve had an indoor swim for a long while. Last weekend, I was working in London, but managed to get a good half hour in Crystal Palace pool with my mate, Nando. And this week I’ve had two longer sessions in Torbay Leisure Centre.

Crystal Palace is 50m and heated to about 27C – so not too bad. I didn’t start sweating. Torbay Leisure Centre on the other hand is 33m long and heated to 29C. Two degrees may not seem much, but it makes going faster very warm and sprinting boils me. I know from previous years that the first two weeks indoors require acclimatisation to the hot, but I fail to understand why, in our age of austerity, the pool is not heated to 27C – in the interests of energy efficiency and lower heating bills. When I were a lad we ‘ad cold baths on a Sunday ant pool were never more an 24C. I blame t’Southerners. But there lies a fantasy. Previous attempts to persuade a municipal pool to reduce water temperature have gone nowhere; as a larger number of people want the pool to be more than 29C!

Despite my unnatural warming, I am still indulging in some lovely Fishcombe to Churston and back swims with new swimming buddy, Richard. No sign of the seal today, but the waves and general turbidity would have ruled out all but a very close sighting. Waves are fun and the cool water (it’s about 12C now) is just beginning to tickle my ribs with a little reminder of what is to come.

4 thoughts on “contrast

  1. Suzie D says:

    I too wonder why we spend so much money on heating pools. Here is the US in my climate, absolutely no need to waste money, energy, resources.
    If people want a hot pool, use the hot tub!!
    Let’s start a campaign :)

    • I did a little research a few years ago. Public pools in the UK were, in the 1970s, heated to an average of 24C. I suspect the rise of multiple water activities like Aqua Tots, Aqua Zumba and so on, have driven the demand for heat.

      Ironically my pool was apologetic about the heating in the changing rooms being faulty; even though to me it was at least 20C in there. Perception is all. Now how about shifting that perception. I suspect the future will be cooler pools, if only to save cost and energy use.

  2. swansswimmer says:

    hope you are fully recovered, see you at Portishead

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