03/01/2016 by Carl Reynolds

Home London til May, Brixham thereafter

Groups  South London Swimming Club, Torbay Shoal

Main type of water sea

Other immersive elements indoor chlorinated pools, outdoor freshwater lido, rivers, outdoor seawater pool

Outdoor water temperatures (range) 8C to 18C. Sea 10C to 17C.

Wildlife interactions seals (spotted close and afar); compass jellyfish (glancing blows); barrel jellyfish (spotted below); seaweeds (various and delightful to swim through); odd crabby crustacean

Main swim partners Mrs Ape mostly, but honourable mention to Nando Farah and Richard Rollings for company in South London and Brixham respectively.

Others the SLSC massive (but especially the patball boys); Torbay Shoal (Torquay Chapter – Jackie, Allan, Kate, Fleur, Michele, Ju, Anne, Lynda, Lumen, Mark, Matt/ Paignton Chapter – Queenie and Kate/ Brixham Chapter – Sue, Carol, Jeannie, Suzanne); Exeter Shoal (Mark, Helen, Baa, Lou); TED Shoal (Jane, Gilly); Moor and Surrounds Shoal (Sophie, Sue, Jess, Shirley, Lynne, Rachel, Tara, Sarah, Graham, Joh); Snowdonia Crew (Sarah, Bryn, Tom, Simon, Claire).

Continuing Swimming Muse  Kari

Very memorable gems (wild) Peartree Point, Bugle Hole, Churston and Fishcombe Cove; Snowdonia (various); Porth Or (Lleyn Peninsula)

Delightful gems (un-wild) Ashburton and Buckfastleigh community pools; Shoalstone Sea Pool; Portishead Lido; Kings Cross Pond

New up and down pool (indoor, overheated, chemical) Torbay Leisure Centre


2 thoughts on “2015

  1. Katherine Clamp says:

    I have read your blog for some time now and am constantly charmed and capitated by its brilliance. It reveals a man of erudition, wit, empathy and a most engaging modesty, indeed too many other amazing gifts to name. Thank you so much for sharing your fascinating life with those of us ‘in the know’. Whatever you do don’t stop, the world so needs selfless bloggers like you.

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