02/06/2016 by Carl Reynolds

A holiday and a training camp. I had planned to do 36km of swimming and 20km of running. I did 40.5km of swimming and 13km of running…I prefer swimming! We went on a bucket trip – flight and accommodation all in. Close to a beach, bus stop, supermarket and pool.

Daily swim schedule was roughly – one swim over an hour along the coast; two of a mile or so; some drills. Best day was 7.2km, shortest days were the day we arrived and left. And in between we ate lovely food at street vendors and a lovely taverna called Jasteri in Troulos; read one trashy sci-fi, got well into The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (fantastic, enthralling and engrossing. I can only read a chapter at a time, as it fills me with emotion and imagery.); played Pasur; slept and got occasionally pissed.

All in all about half the price of going on a guided swimming holiday. The water is current free; stick to the coast for easy get outs and amazing underwater rock formations, sea grass beds and shoals; tug a butt bouy behind you; and wear a bright swim cap.

Note how I am the only swimmer!


4 thoughts on “Skiathos

  1. DD says:

    Looks fab, you’ve captured the essence of Skiathos nicely. Sounds like the swim stuff is going well. Mrs Ape muscular definition beginning to look Triathlete-esque.

  2. wildswimmers says:

    Great pics and Mrs Ape looking superb in her bikini x

  3. IronMike says:

    Wait, so this was all inclusive? Can you provide details? Were the swims organized by you yourself or ???

    Place looks wonderful. I’m Googling Skiathos now.

    • Mike – self catering via Thomas Cook. As a comparator – an organised swim holiday would be around £800 for a week, plus flights (£175ish) – so just shy of a grand. We paid half this. As to swims and their organisation – I look at a map and then purchase one locally, get some info on line about tides, currents, sea temp etc. Then I swim close to the coast (no more than 50m out – mostly) and if going out of sight of the missus, for example going round a headland) I trail a butt bouy or tow float behind me and let her know how long I’ll be. Sometimes it’s a round trip and sometimes I jog back along a path or road. There are no large predators around the Greek Islands, but I do keep an eye out for jellies. Hope this helps.

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