Fishcombe to Elberry – swim/clamber

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06/06/2016 by Carl Reynolds

This weekend saw a spring low tide. Mark and I decided to swim/climb/clamber our way along from Fishcombe Cove to Elberry Cove, a distance of no more than 2km. It took us 1hr 15m – of which about 25-30 mins swimming gently thru kelp and into micro beaches; we both have considerable experience bouldering; have no queasiness about sliding over large beds of kelp and we suited up to give us some protection from barnacles etc. Not for the inexperienced. And a word of caution, the side of Elberry Cove you entered is habituated with boys and there motor toys – jet skis and their like. Hug the shore! 

The start – Fishcombe Cove

the intrepid duo

Fishcombe Point at the edge of Churston Cove!

slabs and rocks from old quarries

covered at high tide!

Breakwater in the distance

at this point we got in and swam

down to the kelp

where’s the exit?

the Midas touch

blocks and slabs

another set of old quarries – ideal for a wild camp

you can take a climber out of water…

Ape considers jumping



and the rest is a swim

kelp below the whole way

Elberry Cove in the distance


Silver Cove – see the range between low and high water

route map – from the bay in Churston Cove by the crease to Elberry to the west

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