East Prawle to Lannacombe


06/01/2017 by Carl Reynolds

Setting off in the dark to East Prawle to catch a sunrise and have a walk and a dip. We parked by the green above the Pig’s Nose pub and walked down the lane to the shelf of rocks between Horseley Cove and Malcombe Point. Stopped at Woodcombe Sand for a dip and then on just past Lannacombe Beach to get a view of the raised beach of Harris. And then back up through the fields into East Prawle again.

Top tip: Woodcombe Sand is a lovely little cove; Lannacombe isn’t. Also spied a lovely little beach called Ivy Cove, just beyond Woodcombe. Signed as a one way path.


5 thoughts on “East Prawle to Lannacombe

  1. gillywilly says:

    This IS a stunning piece of South Devon coastline: I’ve been startled by the many and varied changes of scenery here; if I’d been dropped by aliens I wouldn’t have recognised some of it as my home county.

    Lannacombe: is that the white stony beach with a lunaresque landscape? (I see Mark’s discovered sand there, so I may have got my coves muddled.)

    • Lannacombe has a stream through the middle and is sandy; although today it was covered in kelp stalks. More picturesque is Woodcombe – just a short stroll away. There is a tiny car park at Lannacombe, but given that it appears to be able to hold no more than 5 or 6 cars, go there early or late in the summer.

  2. As Jackie, Alan and I walked from Prawle to Salcombe the other day we all agreed we didn’t like Lannacombe. Lannacombe is sandy but if you carry on towards Start Point along the foreshore known as Harris’ Beach it does get pebbly. You can go about a mile that way to within 200m of Mattiscombe along the foreshore if you are good at scrambling but then you need wings to get the last bit to Mattiscombe.

    Walking along the foreshore from Lannacombe towards Prawle Point I have got to Woodcombe and there are 2 little coves along the way but one only seemed to be accessible via someone’s garden and the other not at all but it was 3 or 4 years ago and the coast path was closed/diverted because a big chunk had fallen down the hill so maybe the path to the beach had also gone.

    Geological feature of the day is that in the foreshore around Lannacombe you will see isolated spots/thin strips of red rock that looks very like granite. It is actually migmatite where tiny pockets of the rocks have melted in response possibly to the processes that caused all the rocks along the Start Point to Hope Cove section to become metamorphosed into schists.

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